It’ll take all of us

Who said,  “We can.  We will.  If we all work together”. Does it even matter? The premise here, is that we can not solve our Nation’s challenges and rise to meet our glorious Nation’s enormous opportunities, without the help of everyone. Take nature.  Look at an ant colony.  Is there a single, solitary ant that doesn’t […]

To Search or Not to Search Engine

To search or not to search engine, that is the question. The answer is…… Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.   Most of you know this and I hate to be a bore about SEO; however, you may find a nugget in here somewhere. For the rest of you on your blogging journey, here are […]

Why search engine optimization?

Why search engine optimization? Seriously?   You really do understand search engine optimization, right? You know, SEO, SEM, SEO ranking, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Excite,  Ask, About, Hotbot, meta tags, Tags, key words, phrases, page rank, and other search engine tools and tactics. I’ll tell you what.  Tomorrow, when I have a bit more time, I’ll provide links […]


Pushy? I don’t want to push anyone who doesn’t want to be pushed. And yet, there is a certain human instinct in all of us, I believe.   In fact, there are actually a multitude of instinctual impulses, or desires, in our human brains. The one I’m referring to now is the one that has to […]