Fear Stinks Like A

An Awesome Hometown
An Awesome Hometown

I was born and raised in a small town. Taught to fear Jesus in that same small town. A Paper Mill town, 25 miles east of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. There was no vision of social media when I was growing up.

But there is now. Has been. For a long time. And many people continue to fear it.

Fear stinks like a Paper Mill, and after awhile, you don’t smell it anymore, even though the smell is still there.

You may think, because people can no longer smell your fear of social media, that it’s gone.


Mid Life Celebration

This One Is Just Nutty

Sunday’s, throughout history in most modern Christian cultures, are reserved for the sabbath – a day of rest.

Western culture seems to find this counter productive.

Do you struggle with it? I sure do.

Am working diligently to change that.

Once I get to 3,000 blog posts, I’ll no longer write posts on Sundays.

Meanwhile, nearing that 3,000th post milestone, these “Sunday’s in August” You Tubes are a transition. This one is just nutty.

Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

Who Remembers This? No One Probably
Who Remembers This? No One Probably

Small towns.  I grew up just outside of one.

And today’s post borders on “who gives a crap” and “yeah, I know what you mean”.

My Dad’s Family grew up in town, first as kids on Water Street, and then as adults on Main Street, across from the Catholic Church and Ford Dealership, with the Spring Grove Elementary and also the Junior High School across the alley in the back of their row home.

Having a basic understanding of your birth place can provide more benefits than if you don’t understand. For in the understanding, we begin to see our commonalities.

Spring Grove, Pennsylvania.  A small town. My town.

Big Time In A Small Town
Big Time In A Small Town