Peak Hurricane Month

Life Is Good

Ever seen or heard the phrase, “Life is good”?

Twice this week, I walked past the airport store by the same name, Life Is Good.

Life is good.  Not easy.  Not by a long shot.  But, it is good.

In fact, it’s not easy to write five blogs every single day, but I do. Have you been to Lane 8 yet?

Make your day great. It’s up to you. Expect things to go “wrong”, and roll with it. As long as you’re still alive, it can’t be a complete failure.

Peak Hurricane Month

Not Enough Time In The Day

It’s an old cliche, “There’s not enough time in the day”.


Why?  Not sure.  It’s one of life’s big mysteries.

There are people, wise people indeed, who have figured out how to live without many things that you and I think are essential to happiness.

How did they do it?  What do they know that we don’t?

Peak Hurricane Month

And Then What Happened?

Well, the experiment paid off.  The website traffic numbers went back up, quickly.

So this was intriguing, “How does one keep their blog(s) relevant enough to compete with the pros”?

“How do you keep traffic increasing?  How do you figure out what people want”?

Just a month earlier, in May, I delved into You Tube, slowly at first, but now have 120+ videos posted.

Went to a Writer’s Retreat, started Twitter and Facebook, in July. These activities led to record numbers.

In August, represented the United States at the WMA Master’s Track & Field World Championships in Lathi, Finland.

Another record month.  Now in September, the posts are purposefully shorter, with fewer tags.  And for some reason, web traffic is breaking records, dramatically.

The only thing I can attribute this to is YOU, the reader of these blogs.  Thank you.  Your interest is humbling.  For real.

Peak Hurricane Month

Five-A-Day Guy

As I was saying yesterday, the 100-day challenge started April 1. By June, I was ready to stop writing five daily blog posts.

Seriously, can you imagine waking up early and sitting down to crank out five blog posts, seven days a week?

And when you’re done, go for a five mile run, breakfast, shower, and then go give speeches to change the world.

The good news, I’ve always been a morning person.

The bad news, I stopped doing 5-a-day. Stopped posting on the two lowest traffic blogs. Didn’t think it mattered.

GoDaddy website statistics quickly showed a web traffic decline.

And anyway, the 100-day goal had nearly been achieved.  But now a new experiment. If I restarted the five blog posts per day, would the numbers go up?

Peak Hurricane Month

Five Blogs A Day?

It was never the intent to write five blogs every single day.   It just sort of happened. Seriously.

January 2008, purchased a dozen domain names.  Within a month, dozens more – .com  .net .org  .biz .info .us – ….it adds up quickly.

Only wrote 28 posts the entire year, mostly in December.

January 2009, a renewed resolve to “do something great”. But alas, Q1 showed pitiful results, both in posts and in traffic.  This led to the “100-day challenge” – write daily in the five main blogs.

Told my son, “If you want to be a good reader, you should read a lot.  If you want to be a good runner, you should run a lot.  If you want to be a good writer, you should write a lot”.

Now, it’s 150+ each month, or, about 2,000 per year. Crazy.