October 2009

What Makes Thursdays GREAT?


Seriously.  The fact that we woke up is a blessing beyond our comprehension.

The fact that I write five blogs every single day is another blessing that is hard to understand.

Having the privilege to physically be able to type, to mentally be able to think, to spiritually be inspired, and to financially be able to afford the tools.

That’s what makes Thursdays GREAT!

WOW.  I LOVE Thursdays!  Carpe diem.

October 2009

Top Three Reasons

Watching (not sure why) five minutes of ABC Evening News last night.  The story claimed there are 7 million more Americans at the poverty level than last estimated.


Apparently, it’s being fueled by unemployment.

I often question whether what I’m doing is the right thing.  Often wonder if this is the right time.

The answer?  There is no right time.  There is no guarantee of the right thing.

So what then?  Trust your intuition.  Which tells me to keep going.  Don’t give up.  Remember where you started and look at you now.  Imagine six more months from now.

Dude, you are going to make a difference.  You already are making a difference.  Yes, there are sacrifices.  Beats unemployment though, doesn’t it?

October 2009

More Ovaltine Please?

“More Ovaltine please”?  A classic commercial tag line from American television and radio.

More Ovaline?  No.

More pictures and You Tube videos please.  I hear ya.  I’m with ya.  Busy.  Man, am I busy!

All good things take time.  Which is why I give myself some credit for coming so far in only six months.

Six months?  Well, writing consistently for six months.

The actual vision for doing this started about 30 years ago in college.  That’s a tale for another time (maybe).

October 2009

Open Networker?

Open Networker?  Yes.

Please feel free to follow on:

Also on Facebook, but not as an Open Networker.  Make it a great day to build your network.  We can make the world a better place, but only if we all work together.

October 2009

My Dog Is A Genius

My Dog is a genius.  Every time that I’m home at 5:00Pm, usually on weekends, my Dog comes and nudges me at 5:00Pm.

Not 4:30PM, or 4:55Pm, but at 5:00PM.

Carter did it again yesterday.

It made me smile.  I like smiling.  Carter understands this and is a genius at knowing how to do it.