Happy 60th, dude

Happy 60th, dude. Thanks dude. You know i wrote this post on April 8, right? Yeah, so? So on June 8 when i actually turn 60, guessing there will be a more profound set of posts. And then on August 8, we can read them. Of course there’s always the chance that on June 8 […]

It’s the hard work that makes it Magic

It’s the hard work that makes it Magic. We tried first at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. No luck. Then we tried Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Also shut out. So we walked across to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Main Street Emporium, Fantasyland, Frontierland, and Tomorrowland – no luck. The solution? Purchased two alternative Goofy hats. It’s not the Magic […]

Will Summer 2018 be my last?

  Will Summer 2018 be my last? i’m planning on it. Also hoping i’m wrong. Regardless, i know i absolutely don’t want to live the mainstream life where people think they have many years ahead and put off the important things now for when they’ll have more time “later”. Following the well-worn path leads to predictable outcomes […]