Rejection and ridicule love traveling together

Walt Disney as boy
Walt Disney knew all about failure, and rejection. Photo source: Internet.


It’s been an interesting journey and i was reflecting on it yesterday when a LinkedIn connection said she reads my blog (as in singular).

All i could do was smile.


Because it almost takes a miracle for someone to figure out my blogging style on their own.

Interestingly enough, i no longer worry about it. That freedom from worry felt good.

No one has the context that one blog might lead to another blog by the same author, let alone four other blog posts (on four other websites) by the same author.

Being misunderstood, along with rejection, is part of the territory.

Also, having a vision that seems strange can label you as different, and leave you lonely. Feeling like an outlier is part of the journey too.

But the rejection and (invisible) ridicule are the bigger parts of the journey.

Radical ideas are always seen as crazy and stupid until enough time has passed (assuming the torch-bearer remains determined) for a critical mass to think it’s genius.




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Waiting for permission is deadly

Orlando's Best Disney Keynote Speakers


(photo: Last night at the big city intersection, waiting for a green light.)

Waiting for permission to go is deadly. Not at an intersection when the light is red, but in life when the light is green and we still don’t go.

Six years ago this month the first blog posts were written. A few here, a few there. Nothing really.

And then he granted himself permission to fail. Try to write five differently themed posts for 100 consecutive days (it was certainly doomed to fail)…

Whatever you’re waiting for, hasn’t it been long enough?

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Is she the Grateful Dead of blogging?

hawaiian Luau performers at Honolulu Airport
No idea if she’s a blogger, but she sure looks happy


Is she the Grateful Dead of blogging?

If a blogger wrote the way she wanted, and unintentionally (but consciously) broke nearly every blogging rule ever recommended, would she be in a class of heretics?

What if she didn’t become a mega-blogger? Yet among the folks who got her, would it be good enough?

Would she be to blogging as The Dead were to Rock and Roll? Successful nonconformists.

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Keep our heads up, eh?

iPad WordPress application
Taking a few minutes to write while waiting to board the next plane


Keep our heads up, eh? In a busy, stress-filled world?


Those of you who blog. Keep at it.


That’s the question that needs a really good, convincing answer – so our writing doesn’t stop.

It’s not a complicated concept.

But it is critical.

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What exactly is a short and pithy blog post?

tasty morsels
short and pithy doesn’t necessarily mean tasty morsels, although it could


What exactly is a short and pithy blog post?

The opposite of this jungle jeff post.

Be well and remain amazed.

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