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Gotta Say It

It's My Job To Say Things
It's My Job To Say Things

Life on the road is challenging.

There ain’t no glamor on the road. There is a very strong sense of accomplishment, helping people see what excellence looks like, how it works, and what they might try differently to become more excellent.

That’s a huge privilege I get, as a professional speaker.

The downside? Is there one?


What do you gotta say?  How would you say it?  Why?

These are questions only you can answer. Do you? Will you?

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Same Old, Same Old

The Road To Excellence Has No Finish Line
The Road To Excellence Has No Finish Line

Five Blogs.

Five Miles.

Every day (except for the running).

Alltop lists the top blogs in the world.

The USATF Master’s Track & Field National Championships are this Summer.

Focus and discipline.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can….

He's Just Lucky

Being Organized Is Hard

Will It?
Will It?

There’s a secret to life not many people recognize, and even fewer talk about.

Know what it is?

Being organized.

And the “yeast” that makes being organized work, is simplification.

Complicated processes are a slow poison to our souls.

It’s odorless, colorless, tasteless, silent and completely invisible.

Wake up calls, a mentor, a higher purpose, and maybe one other thing are the catalyst to transformational change.

He's Just Lucky

He Ain’t No Einstein

Super Star? Super Nova?
Super Star? Super Nova?

No, but he has two gifts that he works to his advantage.

Know what they are?

We all have them delivered to us at birth.

Most likely, however, we throw the directions away too early and never recover.

They are profoundly simple and yet, simply profound.

And it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, maybe you can guess. Maybe not.

He's Just Lucky

Been A Year!

Luck Or Sheer Determination (or Both)?
Luck Or Sheer Determination (or Both)?

A week ago, you heard me promise to share two milestones that happened:

  • By luck
  • By sheer determination

One year ago today, I challenged myself to two things.  One was simple and seemed easy enough.

The other was only supposed to last 100 days – a 100 day challenge to “force” myself to develop a daily writing habit.

Everyday for the past year, these things happened, and today marks the one-year anniversary:

  • Starting each day on my knees
  • Writing five daily blogs

Amazing, transformational things have resulted.