Two Choices?

Two choices everyday? To do, or not to do. Or in this particular example, to write or not to write. This is my fifth post today.   Rather than not write, I decided to write this. The right column can lead you to the other  four posts.  They’re all decent perspectives on a variety of important […]

You should also know this

This is a followup to last night’s post on Apple versus Microsoft. I LOVE my Toshiba laptop and my Internet connection.  It works fast, is very reliable, and I am very good at it. What intrigues me about Apple? It’s understated simplicity. It’s vision to compete, even though the market clearly shows it as the […]

MacBook, Excellence and Change?

MacBook, Excellence and Change? In an ongoing effort to be excellent, I bought a MacBook on Saturday. Friends and colleagues have told me for years that Apple computers are way beyond a Microsoft Windows Internet experience.  I thought, “How different could it possibly be“? In a nutshell, here’s why I went Apple.  Intuition! After recent […]