Perspective is key

Perspective is everything. The big picture and the closeup ought to make sense to you. When you can understand small details as well as the big picture, you have perspective. Small details often don’t matter if you have no grasp of the bigger picture. When you are clear about the big picture, you can create […]

T-minus 3 days

Mom is shipping your personal stuff today. You will travel light to college. Epic change in our relationship. Being home as much as possible during your high school years was the driving force behind my Disney retirement in 2014. And in three days, you leave. So happy for you. i can already tell it will […]

Expect the unexpected

Expect the unexpected. A wet garage carpet means only one thing, there’s a leak somewhere. The leading cause is probably the (inside) downstairs air conditioning unit. Sure enough. Quickly text our AC guy. The fact that we have a great relationship with our AC guy is proof that i have planned for the unexpected. Bill […]