Leadership Commitment challenges

Leadership commitment challenges has a different context here than it does at Lane8.org (today).  The context here is how you lead after the honeymoon effect wears off. There’s always excitement and high hopes when things are new and shiny. We easily rise to the occasion; whether it’s a promotion, a new initiative being rolled out, a corporate merger […]

Routines will make or break you

  You’re going to read this and think, duh, this is obvious. Theory is obvious. Applying theory successfully is rare. Besides grit – personally or organizationally – the other critical success factor for world-class results is over-focusing on the best habits. Habits and culture are synonymous. Routines will make or break you or an organization. […]

Disney’s secret for success is really this simple

  Disney’s secret for success is really this simple. We over-focus on the same things others under-focus on or ignore. We are intentional where others are unintentional.   •  •  •  •  • This website is about our home health. To leave this site to read today’s post on my mental attitude website, click here. If you want […]