Will Race for Food?

Driving near Disney World this morning, I spotted a bumper sticker that read, “Will Race For Food“.

My guess is that it is a car racing enthusiast.

I thought, “What passion that person must have for racing”.

And then I had to laugh.  I’ll race for food too.

In fact, I’m actually racing for a cure.

But my racing is on foot.  Check it out at Lane 8.org

Heading to the 2009 Master’s Track & Field World Championships in August.

Follow your passion, whether it’s car racing or fund raising.  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

Things That Matter

Things That Matter

Memphis to Orlando.  Northwest Airlines flight at 31K feet. 

I’m on track seven of Rascal Flatts‘ new release, Unstoppable

The song title is a good one – Things That Matter

This song really struck a nerve with me.

“Things that matter, things that don’t….”

Crazy thing, for most of my life, I’ve  felt uncomfortable with the way I think.  It’s a weird sort of guilt, and sometimes even confusion.   And, conversely, there have been times when I’ve felt unique for the way I think.


Maybe, to use a figure of speech, because it’s killin’ me.  Drivin’ me bloody crazy might be another way to say it too.

Psychologically, spiritually.

I’m finally convinced that this is one of the gifts I’ve been given.  And rather than change it, I should grow and develop it.

This is a huge step for me.  A sort of “coming out of the closet” as the saying goes.

The scary, and paralyzing part?
What if I’m wrong.
The exciting, and liberating part?
What if I’m correct?
Just because I think deeper, longer, harder than many, doesn’t make me a freak.
Feeling like a freak can wear on you after 50 years.

I’ve been on a 7-10 year stretch of major life accomplishments, and the reason these things have happened, is because I’ve thought and prayed about what I’m supposed to do with my life before the sand runs out on my hour-glass.

There are so many people who are afraid to ask that question.  And there are even more who can’t answer the question.

Are you? 

Can you?

If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.  You can quote me on that one.  Good luck.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂 

Who Cares?

Sitting in my hotel room in Memphis, Tennessee, writing this post.

And wondering, who cares?

I do.  

About what?

About helping our son grow and develop into a young man.

And all this writing each day?

Preparing me.  

For what?

To write the  book I promised I’d write, back in college.  A book to my child(ren).

As a runner, I know that you have to run a lot to be a good runner.

Seems like to be a good writer, you should write a lot.

But for now, I’m going to say good night.  Carpe PM, jeff noel  🙂

We should get Memorial Day out…

…out of our subconsciousness and into our consciousness.

At least for one day.  How hard can that be? 

Do you?  Will you?  Did you?  Pause for a few moments to remember why we hold this day as a National Holiday.

OK, so I cried.  Big deal.  You probably will too.

I wasn’t going to post here today.  But as I was searching for a You Tube video for www.junglejeff.net, I found this inspirational one from Martina McBride – Anyway

 Follow your dreams.  Carpe diem,  jeff noel 🙂