Nearly A Year Now

Not Gonna Do It

Yesterday, I thought I might share what made the day so amazing. Looking at the clock, I really need to head out the door right now.

The birds are chirping, a sure sign that dawn will give way to daybreak soon.

The moon is setting.  Most people have no idea what this means.

Wanted to run 5-miles this morning. There’s time for two. Five will have to wait.

Am so thankful to be alive and have the ability to run and the ability (and desire) to write.

Editor’s note: The following You Tube video was shot immediately following the two-mile run you just read about. There’s actually a decent message about excellence that will only benefit those with drive, passion, discipline and focus.

Nearly A Year Now

Amazing Days, A Dime A Dozen

Do You Count The Days?
Do You Count The Days?

They come along with various frequencies.

Amazing days.

How frequently do they come along for you?

Define amazing, right?  Feel free to use your own definition.

By my definition, yesterday was amazing.

And I mean more amazing than usual.

It was Passion Sunday.

Maybe it was just a coincidence.

And maybe tomorrow, it will feel like something I should share.

Nearly A Year Now

Skip’s Simple Challenge To Us

This Happens Every Day
This Happens Every Day

Skip Gaskill is back for a simple, but thought-provoking challenge.  Take it away Skip:

When was the last time you woke up early to watch a sunrise?

I mean woke up just to watch a sunrise (and not to go to work or school).

Never?!  Try it some time.  Few things are as beautiful or as inspiring as a new day sunrise.

Do your heart, mind & soul a favor.

You deserve it.

Nearly A Year Now

Serious On Steroids

Mostly, I’m very intense.  Serious.  Focused.  Determined.

My Finnish Master’s Track & Field friend, Juha, posted this on Facebook yesterday and while watching it with our son (9) and his friend, well, I …..

Diversification is so important. In business. With investments. And sometimes, even with blog posts.

He's Just Lucky

No Need To Worry, Right?

Ostrich Eggs?
Ostrich Eggs?

If we don’t spend time worrying about our health, does that mean we’re safe?

What a strange question.

Does sticking our head in the sand make the scary monster go away?

Did my annual comprehensive blood test this morning. And then a work-offered biometric screening hours later.

Apparently, it’s good to practice what you preach.