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Skip Knew What He Was Doing

Visionary Tool?
Visionary Tool?

After all, Skip is a Marine.  And, he’s been a friend, for like 30 years. We roomed together for a year while in college.

If you read yesterday’s comment, Skip accomplished his “mission”. I knew he was baiting me, but couldn’t resist his bait.

And if you read my reply to his comment, you would have discovered that what I’ve shared so far is literally just the tip of the iceberg. The vision for how these five blogs can make a significant impact on humanity will blow your mind.

It will be revealed as time passes. While the audience is our son (9), everyone who has a desire to do good and decent work is invited. Most likely, if you visit here regularly, you also have a desire to be a better person, and you also dream crazy impossible dreams.

Fanatical I Am

Not For Nuthin’

Yeah, Not For Nuthin'
Yeah, Not For Nuthin’

Yesterday, our good friend Skip, posed a question in the comments. Knowing that many of you might not catch the comments, wanted to share it right here, right now – not for nuthin’:

Jeff, how do you define success for your five blogs?

Readership? Participation? Pro vs Con comments?

What is your ultimate goal with these five blogs? Make people think? Make people change? Help people change themselves?

Why should we care that you have produced five blogs per day (without missing a single day) for over one year?

Some of your readers weren’t around when you started this quest. Help us understand the importance of this endeavor.

Great questions Skip. Seriously. All of them have been answered already. As time goes by, the answers get buried deeper and deeper in the past posts.

It’s one of life’s challenges, to sort out what to believe and from whom.

Summary, just for you:
1. I write for Chapin (and myself).
2. The big goal is to challenge 3% of the male Baby Boomers to do something GREAT before they die.
3. The ultimate purpose is to raise enough money until a cure is found for Crohn’s disease.

Note. Superficial measures of success are the things you first described.
There is no reason to care what I do, unless a person is looking for an honest to God real person who practices what he preaches. Ain’t many of them around, I fear. If there are, they are quietly changing the world – and perhaps they ought to make some noise because the world needs many “real” people trying to serve a greater good.

And by real, I mean someone not motivated by personal wealth, who makes mistakes, and never gives up, and pushes/pulls others to do the same.

Does that help?  🙂

Are You? Day To Day

Real Time Blogging

A Truckload Of Thanks
A Truckload Of Thanks

How does your day start? Do you have routines? Are they working well for you, just okay, or are they a disaster?

Routines can set you free, and they can also poison you. Figuring out how to live well is your responsibility, and there is no one right way.

Hard work and tough decisions. One of the many challenges that being alive brings as a prerequisite. We can never give up.

Here’s the catch though, figuring this out and living well, based on intuitively good morale principals, leads us to a better place than if we don’t make tough decisions.

For well over a year, I’ve been writing five daily blogs.  Website traffic has steadily increased, with occasional spikes. But this past week has been confusing. The spike has been significantly higher. It reminds me that it takes a long time to become an overnight success.

And that if you’re not careful, it will arrive before you are ready.

Are You?


Unique And Unusual Gift?
Unique And Unusual Gift?

Something is happening.  Can’t put a finger on it.  It’s weird.

Things like this ever happen to you?  Probably.

When good things happen, it’s my human nature to downplay our good fortune.

I was watching Lee, the American Idol finalist. As the judges showered him with praise, you could see in his eyes that he was humbled beyond belief.

He went from a store clerk to a future million-seller recording artist.  In his mind, this is impossible. He feels undeserving.  Unworthy.

Except for one thing.

God has graced him with a gift, as God does with all of us.  It’s just that now Lee is crystal clear what it is.

And you?

Are You? Day To Day

World IBD Day

Maybe Some Day
Maybe Some Day

Today is World IBD day.

IBD is Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

IBD is Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Every one of us is touched in some way by health issues.

No one is immune.

But some are more immune than others.

IBD basically is the body’s immune system over-reacting.  The immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue in the digestive tract.

As much as I write for all of you readers, every once in awhile, I just like to take editorial license and write selfish things, like this.

In the hope that some day, IBD will have a cure.