Big Picture

We need to begin with a simple question.

Do you have more positive stereotypes or more negative stereotypes of business consultants?

i don’t do consulting.


Because it doesn’t stick.

Think about how well the long term results played out with consultants who made promises in the past. How’s that working out now?

So think of me as an advisor.

An expert advisor who spent a lifetime at Disney.

And if you’ll indulge yourself for a few minutes, this will become clear quickly.

•  •  •  •  •

A person hires a personal trainer at a gym.


To make important, life altering changes.

To fulfill a dream everyone shares – to lead a healthy, active life.

The personal trainer is hired because all their previous, self-led attempts have failed to get them closer to their dream.

Now enter a trainer as their desperate, yet hopeful, final attempt.

Can the personal trainer do the work?


So why are they doing this to themselves?

Can the personal trainer show exactly how to do the exercises and explain the benefits of each exercise? Of course. The personal trainer will also recommend appropriate starting weights and reps, depending on their current health, and align that with their ultimate goal.



For good.

Will the trainee reach their goal?

It depends.

And odds are not in their favor though.

History has a habit of repeating itself.

You need a personal trainer who emphatically believes that motivation is the most important ingredient for your success.

Why is motivation the most important criteria?

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