Q. What are your audio-visual requirements?

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i supply Apple device, remote clicker, power cable, and HDMI adaptor. My keynote slides are in 16:9 aspect ratio. i rarely use videos.

Client provides:

  • (minimum) 3k lumens projector
  • screen(s) appropriate for room size
  • audio jack
  • power outlet for laptop
  • one wireless Countryman (preferred) or lavaliere mic
  • one handheld mic
  • mixer with enough channels

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Big picture, i need 10-20 minutes to see the room and verify the presentation looks amazing on the screen – for your audience.

Introduction: A printable intro is provided here. i will remain in the back of the room until introduced, and then run up to the stage.

Ideally, the AV check is done the day before.

It should only take 20-minutes. i just need to see the room, meet the technicians, and hook up the Apple device (iPhone 7 Plus for Keynote, iPhone X is the remote) to see the screen image quality. i also want to walk the room to test my microphone. If the AV is excellent, we’re done in 20 minutes or less.

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Sometimes house lighting over the screen can wash out the screen image quality. This is a big deal to me, because it’s a big deal to the audience at a subconscious level.

A washed out image is considered anything less than excellent. Excellent is defined as the way the image ‘pops’ on the laptop screen – that’s the way it should pop on the big screen.

Sometimes this is a fairly easy fix by turning off a breaker for a row of lights over the screen. Sometimes there is no breaker to do this because all the ceiling lights are on the same breaker. In this case it’s not unreasonable to unscrew the light bulbs directly washing out the screen. Sometimes it takes a high-reach depending on the ceiling height.

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