Expect the unexpected

Expect the unexpected. A wet garage carpet means only one thing, there’s a leak somewhere. The leading cause is probably the (inside) downstairs air conditioning unit. Sure enough. Quickly text our AC guy. The fact that we have a great relationship with our AC guy is proof that i have planned for the unexpected. Bill […]

An overlooked anxiety source

An overlooked anxiety source is unresolved thoughts. As the Twitter screen shot so clearly articulates, unresolved thoughts fill an internal landfill. A landfill that starts so small no one notices to a landfill that everyone but the landfill owner notices. Son, work diligently to keep these “weeds” out of your personal organization desk drawers, shelves, […]

Brother Bear

Brother Bear is a great movie. Thank you for watching it together last night. Having just returned from Glacier National Park, the notion that we are all connected is especially real for me. i hope you think the same way. Every living creature (sure there are exceptions) strives to lovingly protect and teach it’s young. […]