Selling Community Programs

A Community Program is defined as group of 150-400 business professionals paying $300-$575 per person to attend a one-day Business Excellence workshop featuring the Disney Way.

This is a crazy idea about how to create symbiotic relationships (and communities) where one good deed has enough energy to conceive and birth more good deeds further from the original source – the ripple effect.

If you are interested in leading others to my messages (speaking/advising), here’s what it would look like at this stage in the journey.

First, a brief backstory…to set context for what you are about to read…


Walt Disney drew his original idea for Epcot on a cocktail napkin in a bar. This page is the modern day equivalent. This is the original first/rough draft (Summer 2015):


Vision (to be): To provide Americans the chance to learn the business behind the Magic, in their hometown.
Mission (to do): Offer Americans a world-class Disney Business Excellence training day at an incredible value.
Brand (to feel): To provide hope where it hasn’t been before.
Customer (for whom): Business professionals.


To answer questions about your responsibilities, your primary role would be to handle all the logistics required to get Chamber executives on a call with me. i’ll do the rest. You are encouraged to be in on the calls to learn. But you will never be expected to learn the content.

My new website describes the product and general logistics. You would be an independent, and unofficial ambassador (or whatever name is best for your style) that clients work with at the very beginning before introducing them to me via a phone appointment. This is going to sound crazy, but i’m serious, i want your enthusiasm to be so amazing for clients that they don’t feel they aren’t talking to Disney.

You will let your Disney-side shine through. You’ll learn by being in on my calls (as you are able) with potential clients. You already bring the most important part, enthusiasm, and a creative, fun, can-do attitude.

This would be your entrepreneurial business to set up, run, grow, and benefit from. You do it anyway you want. My only expectation is that we’d both operate under five basics:

1. Impeccable honesty
2. Behave admirably
3. Personal responsibility
4. Initiative
5. Fun

For Community Programs, you have the opportunity to benefit in a way that could be exponentially more “per hour” than your current salary..

Once you have a earned a signed contract, you would essentially do what Disney Institute (DI) does, which is guide the client – the client does all the work to market and administer the program.

How you create processes to find Chamber of Commerce Executives who would want to speak with me is up to your creative genius and initiative.

You can make as many calls as you want or as few as you want.

i’ve seen and read a gazillion contracts. They’re long and filled with protective clauses. It’s necessary for Disney, but between you and i, i’d like to get it down to between a hand-shake and one-page.

In fact, here’s the first draft (09.14.15)…

Community Business Excellence Programs Contract

Creates compelling, relevant content
Creates keynote presentations, supporting materials, if any
Creates engaging, interactive, inspiring audience activities
Speaks with client about logistics, expectations
Delivers catalytic speeches
Manages interest/leads? (or you?)
Follows up with client to continue relationship
If you desire, i’ll brainstorm w/you for process improvement

Totally independent sales and marketing force
Create processes to excel at finding Disney fans and setting up phone conversations with me
Brainstorm w/me for potentials, processes, improvement, if needed

Legal stuff:
i promise to be authentic, transparent, remarkable, and fun
My fee schedule is at
Client sends speaker payment directly to jeff (terms at )
i pay you after payment clears
Either party (you or me) can agree to walk away at anytime for any reason

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