Over 15,000 blog posts seems exaggerated

Prolific blogging
For the five main blogs, this was yesterday’s cumulative total.


Three days ago (April Fools Day 2017) i shared that 14.6k blog posts have been written.

What i didn’t factor in was the actual total for the five main sites. i calculated only the posts since April Fools Day 2009.

i also didn’t factor in the posts from other websites i own, and occasionally blog at.

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Bring back short and pithy

Jewish saying
Do your best.


Bring back short and pithy.

It’s harder than it looks.

There’s a saying that goes like this…

“Sorry, I wanted to write you a shorter letter but didn’t have time.”

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About jeff noel

Disney Customer Service Speaker
Disney Institute Custom Program graduation ceremony. Marcello Martins took the Disney photos in today’s posts. That’s him on the right. i don’t know who took this photo.


Note to self: The text below is an experiment for me to reflect on in a month; to look back and see how the Disney Marketing model feels after the fact.

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As the most recognized name in business transformation and leadership development, jeff noel is the only training and development advisor that empowers organizations to create lasting organizational vibrancy through Disney’s time-tested, common-sense model for cultural transformation that connects insights into action through Disney’s best practices.

As the trusted, authoritative voice on the ‘Disney Way’ for corporate culture, jeff noel uses simple business insights and personal examples from his 30 years in Disney Parks and Resorts to inspire leaders and organizations to enhance their own corporate culture using Disney principles as their guide.

For over three decades, jeff noel has helped professionals discover ways to positively impact their organizations and the customers they serve through immersion in H.arvard’s Service-Profit Chain, with a powerful Disney twist.

Unique to jeff noel is the opportunity to pull back the curtain in his “living laboratory” to observe firsthand how Disney methodologies are operationalized and how they can be adapted and applied to any work environment.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the power of leadership values and personal vision to construct a thriving organization.
  • Discover how customer loyalty can be established, leading to long-term, sustainable profitability.
  • Gain insight into how culture is strengthened in the hiring, training, inspiring and recognition processes.
  • Recognize the structure and processes that can make exceptional customer service achievable for any employee in any organization.
  • Examine how personal creativity and organizational processes should be integrated to create ongoing innovation within your organization.

Bring this opportunity to your organization or division. Why wait? If not today, when? If not ever, why? Call, text, or email now to start a discussion and learn leadership strategies, study world-class techniques, and streamline management practices for organizational vibrancy.


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The 10AM Friday arrival became the 3PM arrival

Kitchen countertop replacement
Yesterday afternoon.


Kitchen countertop replacement
The “before” photo.


home improvement crew
Reminded me of the pre-parenting days when we had Disney parties. Yard became a parking lot.


The 10AM Friday arrival became the 3PM arrival.

There may be others at Disney who work harder than my wife Cheryl, but i don’t know who they are. Possibly George Kalogridis.

Cheryl took the day off to be available and facilitate granite countertop replacement in three rooms.

The laminated kitchen and bathroom countertops were 25 years old. Still in decent shape, but we agreed life is short and an upgrade would be a treat. We don’t indulge in many treats.

The five-person crew left after 9:00 PM.

They were amazing, to say the least.

Marlon was a construction friend referral as well as a Disney-approved installer for Resort Operations.

We felt a special, unspoken “Disney-expectations” bond. Craftsmanship. Professionalism. Courtesy.

Cheryl got them Publix subs for dinner.

She dug out the Keurig coffee maker we no longer use and also found the unused gourmet coffee.

She wowed them in typical Disney fashion.

Maybe i did too.

i got to spend 30-minutes relaxing with them as we waited for the stone delivery. Not many homeowners would pull up a seat on the concrete driveway after offering them the patio chairs. We all sat on the ground.

All are fathers. All would prefer to be home on a Friday evening.

One employee was out for days with an injury. Another had a death in the family. They had three jobs scheduled for yesterday and had to cancel two.

Marlon was clear that i understood the small business challenges and crystal clear on my gratitude too.

PS. Hey, did i mention the blogging thing? Just kidding.

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What happens when you reach the finish line?

Orlando pool
Final photo last night reminds me of the peace and contentment that comes from saying what’s on your mind. Should anything bad unexpectedly happen to me,  my son and wife have a trail of hopes, dreams, and gratitude.


What happens when you reach the finish line?

You automatically reach another starting line.

This post concludes the 8th consecutive year writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts (on 5 separate sites), without missing a single day.

Tomorrow, the starting line for year nine.

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This website is about our HQ. To reflect on today’s post about our MIND, click here.