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Recently, the leadership class participants were frenetically competing in teams…

… against each other, as well as the clock.

In every round, the teams got faster, learning from their mistakes.

And after each round the instructor shouted, “Are you satisfied?

The class instantly, and unanimously shouted back, “No!

And they were all given another chance to complete their task even faster than before.

Our personal lives are like that too.

If someone asked us, “Are you satisfied with your life?

The predictable answer?


Unlike the simulated classroom exercise, we rarely get a second chance, let alone a third.

But what if we did get an honest-to-goodness, real second chance with our life?

Wouldn’t it be great if it came with simple, common-sense, life-altering insight?

But what are the odds?

What if you where to meet someone who had a fresh, uncomplicated, honest take?

An unsung work life balance expert of sorts?

But really, what are the odds?

How about, “pretty good!”

It went something like this…

Significant life events, a major health wake-up call… collided to create chaos.

Becoming a professional speaker at a Fortune 50 company was fate.

Becoming a dad in 2000, at 41, a game changer.

Then there was the health scare, for, well, for just the right amount of drama.

World-class business insight, and a late-blooming passion for Fatherhood created art.

Work life balance done really well is art.

Art… that changes everything.

The way we think.

The way we act.

The way we feel.

A year from now you’ll wish you would have started today.



Cracking the code on work life balance was almost too easy.

It was as if the Heavens had parted and allowed decades of experience to become one game-changing moment.

Become the work life balance expert we so tirelessly searched for, but never found?

To get there, what would we need to teach a child about balance?

A blinding flash of the obvious.

Mind – Body – Spirit – Work – Home

Life has five big categories… not three, not two.


So writing five different blogs began – about those five big choices.


The writing began April Fool’s Day 2009 and hasn’t stopped.

Good news, because five sounds like too much…

They’re short, because we’re busy.

They’re pithy, because we need the truth.

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